Who is Scorpio Coffee?

“You get what you pay for” – IS THE FIRST RULE WE BROKE!

First forming in 2011, Scorpio Coffee was founded to challenge the status quo that existed around quality coffee. Mainly being that there was such a large gap in the industry between quality and affordability. Starting off small, we had one blend and went café to café trying to pedal our goods. Like everything, when you put in enough effort you slowly start to get rewarded and we grew.

In a constantly evolving environment over the last decade we decided to concentrate on a wholesale presence often opting to specialty roast a unique blend for each customer and promote their branding on the packaging.

Enter Covid….

One thing was clear, we needed to promote our own brand and create a great online retail experience for all to appreciate.

We stand by our coffee and all products we sell. Weather it be to café or online. We ensure that our quality is never defined by price.

Scorpio Coffee online coffee shop

We have been working hard over the last 9 years, learning what people love about coffee. What we have learnt, is that coffee is probably the most subjective item in the world! Everyone loves their coffee a particular way and what one may LOVE another may LOATHE.

Putting what we have learnt into practice we have cultivated 4 unique blends that will appeal to the broad spectrum of coffee lovers across the country. From our Il Padrino blend – a bold and dark roasted bean with toffee and cocoa flavorings to our North Shore blend that is light roasted with hints of chocolate and citrus.

Our commitment to quality coffee extends to our green bean suppliers, with over 100 years’ experience dealing sustainably sourced quality beans from across the world. Their grassroots relationships allow us to carefully select and roast the highest quality beans to perfection. With one eye always on the global climate we ensure that all our beans are ethically sourced. Fresh roasting weekly in our solar powered roaster right here in Melbourne ensures our customers always get the best quality coffee and have peace of mind knowing that we are doing what we can in this world.

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